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How to scan to a .CSV file of Session Attendees

You will need one of the scan devices listed here:

  • Obtain a scan gun that exports a .CSV file - not all do. If you are purchasing a scan gun, be sure that it saves scans to an SD card or other memory device.
  • Obtain a smart phone app that exports scans to a .CSV file. Our recommended list contains 2 scan apps (iPhone and Android) that export a .CSV file of registrant IDs.

If you choose to use a smartphone app, the 2 help articles below show you how to set up and use the scan app:

Scan attendee's barcodes as they enter the session with the scan gun or smartphone app. When finished scanning ...

  • Scan gun - remove the SD card from the gun and import the .csv file to your computer.
  • Email the .CSV file from the smartphone to yourself.

The first step is to get the .CSV file on to your computer where it can then be uploaded into rsvpBOOK.

Depending upon the scan method you used:

  • Remove the SD card from the scan gun and upload the .CSV file to your computer.
  • The scan apps on our recommended list export the .CSV file easily by emailing it to yourself.

With either option, put the .CSV file on your computer in a known place.  The next step will upload it and mark the scanned attendees Attended.

From your event's Admin Dashboard, open the Session Attendance Manager screen ...

Select the session on which you want to work from the dropdown menu.

The selected session summary screen drops down ...

  1. The Attendance Report can be viewed.
  2. Choose Upload .CSV File from the dropdown menu.

The upload screen opens ...

  1. Browse to the .CSV file on your computer
  2. Check the box if your file has column labels - if you're not sure, open the file with a text editor and visually check it
  3. Click the Upload .CSV File button
  4. You can re-upload your .CSV file in case you have added registrant IDs to it.  If registrants are already marked attended, they will remain so.

Now map the Registrant ID field ...

The upload confirmation screen opens ...

This example had 7 registrant IDs in the .CSV file.  All 7 were marked attended.

The Attendance List has been updated and registrants in the .CSV file have been marked "Attended"

To verify, click the View Attendance Report screen on the Session Attendance Manager screen. The "No Shows" were not in the .CSV file; therefore their registrant status remains "Not Attended," the red Xs.

Including registrant status "Attended" in custom reports.

You can create your own "attendance" reports with the Report Wizard. After defining the fields you want included in the report, add a filter for the Registrant Status LIKE attended.

You can also send post-event surveys to the session attendees.  Since you know who attended, it is obvious that the red Xs show who did not attend (the no-shows). The email wizard has the tools you need to send post-event surveys to both groups (attended and no-shows).


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