The Group Leader's role

If you turn on Group Registration, the first person who registers as a group becomes the default Group Leader.  Subsequent registrants entering the group are Group Members.

The Group Leader has these responsibilities, depending on how you set up your group registration.  The responsibilities include:

  • The Group Leader must create the Group Code and distribute the URL and group code to the members of his/her group - How do I turn on Group Registration WITH Group Codes?
  • Alternatively, the Group Leader register all of his/her group members without using a group code - How do I turn on Group Registration WITHOUT Group Codes?
  • Each time a group member registers, the Group Leader will receive an email message - which you can customize to include all members so far here:  How do I add registrant information to a message?  Look for this step: Add registrant's session schedule to a blank template
  • The Group Leader can see the list of group members who have registered by clicking the "event details" link in his/her confirmation email message
  • When the Group Leader sees that all of his/her group members (to whom he sent the email message containing the group code) have registered, he can pay for them in one transaction
  • If payment responsibility was assigned to the member, then the Group Leader most likely only needs to pay for him or herself
  • If you want the Group Leader to be able to edit their member's registration records, turn it on during set up (you can also turn it on later, after registrations are accumulating) - How do I turn on the Group Leader Nav Panel and Group Leader Dashboard?
  • Sometimes one person enters all members of a group, which is ok, but sometimes they may NOT have everyone's email addresses - in this case, you may want to disable requiring a unique email address - How do I allow duplicate email addresses.

There are messages and instructions throughout the registration pages and email messages that coach the Group Leader through this process.

This is the Group Leader's Confirmation Page

After a successful registration by a Group Leader, his/her Confirmation Page displays.  If he/she chooses to register their group members themselves, then there is an Add New Registrant button at the top of the page.  Click it to add a group member.  rsvpBOOK already knows that you are registering a group member - see the next step.

How do I change the name of the Add New Registrant button?

This is the Group Leader's Confirmation Page

Group Leader's Landing page for group member registration

The new Landing Page displays with the following information remembered from the Group Leader's registration:

  1. The Group Code
  2. The Registration Mode

The only task left to do is enter the group member's email address.  If you have enabled duplicate email addresses, the Group Leader may want to use the same email address for all members.  This happens quite frequently when a secretary needs to register multiple executives for a conference.  How do I allow duplicate email addresses?

Group Leader's Landing page for group member registration

Most important task

If the Group Leader has been designated to pay for all members of the group, he/she can do so by clicking the Pay for this Group button on his/her Confirmation Page.

Most important task


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