How do I add Tickets?

Add a Ticket (Sales Item)

  1. A ticket = sales item.  This step is repeated for each sales item you add.  You can add as many sales items per group that you need - there are no limits to the number of groups or the number of sales items.

Add Sales Item Details

Set the ticket name, quantity selection options, set prices: early, regular, late registration prices

Review Sales Item Details

The Item Action column provides tools to manage your items.  The information to the right provides summary information about that item.

  1. To edit a sales item, click the Edit button
  2. To delete a sales Item, click the Delete button
  3. Click the checkbox to pre-pend Copy Of to the copied sales item's name - this marks the sales item as the copy which helps you make sure you edit the correct new item
  4. To copy a sales item, click the Copy To ... button - you can copy it into the same group or a different group
  5. Click the Add Item button to add another sales item (there is no limit to the number of items you can add to a group)
  6. Use the Re-Order button to change the display order of the sales items - they are numbered by 20s so that you have insert room


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