Help Documents - Version 5Add Sales Items (Tickets)How do I copy my PayPal settings to a new event?

How do I copy my PayPal settings to a new event?

How do I copy my PayPal settings from one event to another?

Your PayPal settings are unique to your PayPal account.   All of your events on rsvpBOOK will have the same settings.

When you copy a previous event (see article: How do I copy an event?), your PayPal settings are NOT copied for security reasons.  Do you have to go through the PayPal setup all over again?


Do this instead:

  1. Go to the source event's Admin Dashboard and open the PayPal Wizard
  2. Copy all 3 of the text field's contents and paste them into a plain text document
  3. Return to your Member Dashboard and copy the previous event
  4. When finished copying, you will land on the Admin Dashboard
  5. Open the PayPal Wizard in the new event and then paste the 3 text field's contents from the text document right into the PayPal set up fields
  6. Then, finally, make your $1 test purchase.

If the above test purchase fails, you probably mis-copied one of the text fields - re-paste all of them and try it again - 1 character difference will cause a fail.


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