Help Documents - Version 5 Group Registration SetupHow do I manage group registrants?

How do I manage group registrants?

The Manage Groups tool allows you to do the following:

  • Change the group leader
  • Add and remove group members to/from the group
  • Receive a payment for the group
  • Process a payment (other than credit card)
  • View each group member's registration record

Does your Admin Dashboard have Menus or Buttons?

rsvpBOOK has 2 versions of the Admin Dashboard. Which one do you have?

Does your Admin Dashboard have Menus or Buttons?

If Menus, your Manage Groups tool is located here ...

If Menus, your Manage Groups tool is located here ...

If Buttons, your Manage Groups tool is located here ...

If Buttons, your Manage Groups tool is located here ...

The Manage Group Registrations window opens ...

For each Group, you can see the Group Code, Group Size and Balance Due (for the group)

The Action column allows you to:

  1. Manage Members (add and remove group members)
  2. Group Leader Payment (Credit Card only)
  3. Process Payments (other than credit card)

The next steps go into detail for each button.

1. Manage Members window

On this screen, you can view Group Leader information: name registration date and the group balance due.

In the Action column, you can:

  1. Remove - registrant entered by accident or is not attending - the removed person is placed in the Individual Registrant category, they are NOT deleted - all group discount amounts are recalculated if this removal changes the discount due to the discount rules
  2. Make Group Leader - sometimes a registrant will want to change the Group Leader to someone else
  3. View Record - this displays the registrant's record in the master database: the Registrant List
  4. Add an Individual to this group - sometimes a group member will accidentally register as an individual and must be moved into the group
  5. Change the group size of this group only

Note that the current Group Leader cannot be removed from the Group - If you need to do this, make someone else the Group Leader and then remove the old Group Leader.

If you remove a group member from the group, they go into the Individual category. This is how you move people from one group to another - remove person 1 from group A, go to group B's Manage screen and add person 1 to group B.

2. Process a Payment

Use this screen to make an entire or partial payment for the group. While the Group Leader can do this task from his/her dashboard, you also have access to the same screen here.

2.  Process a Payment

3. Process payments

3a. Record a payment

This screen is used to record a payment OTHER THAN CREDIT CARD. You will select the Method of Payment from a dropdown menu. The Methods of Payment that you defined in the Sales Wizard will be selectable.

The rest of the fields on this screen are self explanatory. BEST PRACTICE: Use plenty of text in the Admin Notes field... this is your audit trail.

3a.  Record a payment


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