Help Documents - Version 5 Post-Event ToolsHow do I enter registrants AFTER my event has concluded? (Registering walk-ins)

How do I enter registrants AFTER my event has concluded? (Registering walk-ins)

Typically, an event has registrants who show up on event day and want to attend AND you want to enter them into the database (Registrant List).  This can be done 2 ways, depending upon WHEN you want to add them.

If you want to add them during the check-in time of the event, set up kiosks and configure the kiosks to permit registration on event day - Have a look at this help article: Setting up Kiosk Mode? [Planning and Testing]

If you want to add them a day or so later, then use the method described below.

Click the View Event URL button

If you have Registrant Types, click button #3 below (orange) ...

Enter post-event registrants using the orange buttons in the upper left corner of the Admin Dashboard.

Each button has a different behavior:

  1. DO NOT USE - View Event as Registrant - This button will display your event in offline mode because the date has lapsed. You can enter the Event Password to access this page; however, you won't be able to signup for sessions nor make purchases.
  2. USE THIS ONE - View Event as Admin - Use this button if you added Admin Use Only fields - session cutoff dates and sales item stop dates are ignored so that you can register people AFTER the sessions and sales items have lapsed.
  3. USE THIS ONE - View Registrant Type URLs - Use this button to enter registrants if you ARE USING registrant types.


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