Help Documents - Version 5 Banquet Table WizardHow do I create a question to hold my Table Numbers/Names?

How do I create a question to hold my Table Numbers/Names?

This article shows you how to create a Question field (using the Questionnaire Wizard) in which you can store your table numbers/names.

Where do I access the Questionnaire Wizard?

The Questionnaire Wizard opens ...

The Add Question window opens ...

Enter the question; in this case, it is an instruction, and not really a question.

Only Admins (those signed in with either the Member Login or Event Login credentials) can see this question. Admins must use the View as Admin button on the Admin Dashboard to register a new person. Admins must use the Edit as Admin option in the Registrant List Action column to edit a person's registration record.

Verify the question is created and all words are spelled correctly

The question is created at the bottom of the Questionnaire Wizard's window. However, it doesn't matter where it is located in the list of questions because it is hidden from registrants. If you have many Admin Use Only questions, you may want to group them all together at the top or the bottom of the Questionnaire Wizard so they will be convenient for editing.

Registrants WILL NOT SEE this question. Admins WILL SEE this question ONLY if they do one of the following:

  1. Click the View As Admin button on the Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the Edit As Admin option in the dropdown menu on the Registrant List and use the bulk editor to assign a table number/name to all those sitting at that table - How do I Bulk Edit Registrants?


The Report and Advanced Report Wizards can access the data in all Admin Use Only question responses.


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