How to Organize Sessions

The Session Wizard allows you to set up Groups of Sessions. You can have many groups with many sessions per group. Groups and sessions can be named. How you name your groups and sessions makes it easy, or difficult, for your registrants to quickly and correctly select their sessions of choice. To help you get started with sessions, here are some example Group and Session naming schemes:

Example Group/Session Organization Examples

These example organization schemes are set up for different types of events:

  1. Conference with Breakout Sessions
  2. Marketing Roadshow
  3. Daily Sessions
  4. Weekly Sessions
  5. Monthly Sessions
  6. Building Location Sessions
Example Group/Session Organization Examples

What can Sessions be used for?

The Session Wizard is not just for sessions!  It can be used to organize classes, workshops, training locations, road tours and event activities. Think of a session as "an event within an event."

For each Group, you can choose to display the sessions with:

  1. Checkboxes - which allow MORE THAN 1 selection from within the Group
  2. Radio buttons - which allows ONLY 1 selection from within the Group.
What can Sessions be used for?

For each Session, you can (partial list) ...

  • Provide a session description, location, speaker, speaker bio, date and time
  • Set a price for the session with early bird and late registration cutoff dates and prices
  • Put a cap on the number of sign ups allowed
  • Be notified by email when the capped sign up number is approaching
  • Assign Educational Credits and when are they to be applied? (when signed up for or when attended)
  • Specify the session's Level, Focus and Audience text
  • Specify whether or not there is a Wait List
  • If the Wait List is on, then a message is displayed stating that the session is full and the registrant will be added to the Wait List, if it has been turned on
  • Set a “disable registration” flag to be N days before the session's date, where N = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc
  • Have the session entry drop off the registration page or gray out (remain on the page but sign ups are disabled)
  • Hide the session's date (this setting turns off the date display for the email confirmation, confirmation page and the printer friendly version of the Session Schedule)
  • Hide the session's time (this setting turns off the time display for the email confirmation, confirmation page and the printer friendly version of the Session Schedule)
  • Define a compact display of session information when a special icon is moused over - useful for shortening the list of sessions

View all of the properties of a session in this document:  How to set up Session Properties


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