Help Documents - Version 5 Custom ReportsHow do I include a "Who's Attending?" link on my registration website?

How do I include a "Who's Attending?" link on my registration website?

Sometimes, event organizers want to add a link on their registration website that will display "Who's Attending?" This is how to do it ...

First, a word about  the privacy of your registrant's information.

Usually, these reports should contain a limited amount of information. Be mindful of privacy issues. Typically, only company names are displayed. Registrant names may or may not be appreciated by everyone - you know your audience; what do they tolerate and expect in terms of personal privacy protection? The best rule of thumb: The less information, the better chance of not violating anyone's privacy.

This example will create a report for just company names and city/state in the Who's Attending? report. However, when you create your report, you can add any other information you want. Repeating: be mindful of the privacy of your registrants.

What does the report look like when built with the Advanced Report Wizard?

What's different about the Advanced Report?  

  1. It has your event's look and feel that you set up using the Event Theme Editor (What is the Event Theme Editor?)
  2. You can add column counts in the last row

Where is the report link?

Whether you're using the Report Wizard or the Advanced Report Wizard, your report link is under the Share button in both wizards.

How do I add this report to my registration website?

You can add the report to any WYSIWYG editor.  Below are some places that are most popular:

  • The Event Description
  • A Custom Content Row
  • An "extra page" using the Reg Website Wizard
  • An email message

This example uses a Custom Content Row to add a link to the report:

  1. Type your link text into the WYSIWYG editor
  2. Select the part of the text that you want to be the link
  3. Click the Link button in the WYSIWYG editor toolbar
  4. Paste your link into the Link URL field
  5. Set the Target to Open in New Window (so that the report does not overwrite your registration page)
  6. Click the Insert button
  7. This is how the link looks when it is completed

What does the registrant see?

Clicking the "companies attending" link opens the report into a new window.  This link used the Advanced Report version of the report.  The report link could have been the Report Wizard version of the report. The reports will look different.  See the first 2 steps of this article to compare report appearances.

What does the registrant see?


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