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The Admin Dashboard's Tools (Classic)

The Admin Dashboard is your event's headquarters for building your event and managing your registrants.

First step: Check all of your event's details ...

Start in Column 1 and click each button down the entire column and make changes as necessary.

The first button, Event Theme, is used to select a look and feel template for your website. Once selected, you can edit it to tweak colors and fonts.

Work your way down column 1, clicking each button to open a screen and then check your event's details on that page - make changes as you need.

First step: Check all of your event's details ...

Do you need to ask your registrants questions? If yes, ...

Do you need to add sessions or workshops? If yes, ...

Do you need to add tickets for sale? If yes, ...

Do you need to create reports? If yes, ...

  • For custom reports of only this event's data, click the Report Wizard button
  • For custom reports across multiple events, click the Advanced Reports button
  • Open this article: Reports

Do you need to view pre-built reports? If yes, ...

  • To view all of the responses to your questions, click the Questionnaire Reports button
  • To view all of the Signups/Session Summary, click the Session Reports button
  • To view sales by item, by group, by registrant, by discount and the arrears report click the Sales Reports button
  • To view all of your post-event survey data, click the Post-Event Reports button
  • For graphs, click these 3 buttons: Daily Activity, Registrant Status and Day of Week

Do you need to send invitations or change the default email confirmation messages? If yes, ...

  • To send invitations to your contact list and to change the email confirmation messages, click the Email Wizard button - Emails: Contact Lists, Invitations, Reminders
  • To view who received and who opened your invitations and messages, click the Email History/Tracking button

Do you need to add registrants by hand? If yes, ...

  1. View Event as Registrant - use this button when you need to enter anyone by hand, either before your event or post-event; it is also used to make your test registrations prior to Publishing your event
  2. View Event as Admin - turns on the display of all Admin Only fields and relaxes the date constraints on sessions and sales items

This article describes more detail about entering registrants: How do I open and preview a registration page?


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