What actions can I perform on a registrant?

Where is the Registrant List Located?

The Registrant List opens ...

  1. Scroll down to the registrant data section
  2. For each registrant, there is a dropdown menu in the Action column
The Registrant List opens ...

Select the action that you need ...

Action Descriptions:

  1. Edit as Admin - Opens this registrant's registration page in Edit mode; if you have set up any Admin Use Only fields, questions, sessions or sales items, they will be visible and you can edit them AND if you have elapsed sessions, this admin mode can still register for them
  2. Edit as Registrant - Opens this registrant's registration page in Edit mode, just as if the registrant clicked an Edit My Registration button
  3. Delete Registrant - Opens an alert box to confirm that you really want to delete this registrant; cannot be undone; registrants with payments cannot be deleted
  4. Change Registrant Status - Edit the registrant's status
  5. Update Registrant Notes - Add or edit a registrant's note
  6. Print Badges - If you have installed a badge printer on this computer and have a badge created, this will send the badge to the printer
  7. Resend Confirmation Email - Opens a window that you can select to resend the registrant's confirmation email to the registrant, the Event Admin person or you can enter one or more email addresses as recipients, which is useful to send a "receipt" to their accounting department - to obtain the actual receipt for the purchase, click the link in the email confirmation to return to the confirmation page where they can view and print their receipt
  8. View Registrant Confirmation Page - Opens the registrant's Thank You Confirmation page where you can view their details and, if registered as a Group Leader, add a member to their group
  9. Payments and Refunds - Opens a window in which you can receive a payment, process a credit card payment, record a refund or modify the balance due for this registrant - important to note: refunds ONLY update the registrant's record; to actually return their money, you will need to do so through your merchant account
  10. Edit Sales Items - Opens a window of all of your sales items along with the quantities of each item that this registrant purchased. You can change the quantity of any item and the balance due will be adjusted accordingly
  11. Change Log - Opens a window that records what changes were made to this registrant's record and who made the changes
  12. Email Log - Opens a window that records each email message that was sent to a registrant; does not indicate whether or not it was opened and read
Select the action that you need ...

After selecting an Action ...

Proceed through the screens; there will be different screens for each action.


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