Help Documents - Version 5 Group Registration SetupHow do I use the Group Leader Dashboard?

How do I use the Group Leader Dashboard?

The Group Leader Dashboard is used by the Group Leader to manage his/her member registrants. The event organizer must turn on this feature if they need it. It is NOT a default tool.

How does the Group Leader access the Group Leader Dashboard?

The only way to get to the Group Leader Dashboard is clicking from the Group Leader's Nav Panel.

The Nav Panel will display when a Group Leader does one of the following:

  • Edits their Registration Page
  • Opens their Confirmation Page - arrive here by clicking the Event Details link in their confirmation email message
  • Opens their Payment Page - arrive here by clicking the Pay For Group button on the Confirmation page

The example below is the Group Leader Payment Page.

The Group Leader Dashboard opens ...

The Group Leader Dashboard Tips section contains instructions to the Group Leader. You can customize any or all parts or all of it. Typically, you would change some of the verbiage to match the jargon of your event. For example, the lead-in paragraph, For each member of your group, you can: could be changed to For each sibling in your Family, you can:

The large buttons are tasks that apply to all members of the group. In the listing of group members, the Actions column contains the tasks that apply to ONLY that member.

Why does one registrant have a Delete button while the other does not? The first registrant does not have a Delete button because they are the Group Leader.

BEST PRACTICE: Change as little as possible; just what you need for your event's jargon.

The Group Leader Dashboard opens ...


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