Help Documents - Version 5 Post-Event SurveysHow do I create a Post-Event Survey?

How do I create a Post-Event Survey?

Where is the Post-Event Survey tool?

Open the Post-Event Survey tool.

The Post-Event Survey tool opens ...

Name the survey ...

Now add your message (instructions) and questions ...

The Add Question screen opens ...

Add a Category.  A category is not required; but highly recommended. Categories serve to organize your questions. For example, Venue, Accommodations, Keynote Speaker, Transportation, Food, etc could all be categories.  Each category has related questions.

Scroll to the bottom and click the Save This Question button.

Add the remainder of your questions ...

In this example, there are 7 questions. Numbers below match numbers in the black dots below.

  1. 2 Category questions
  2. 1 Dropdown list question
  3. 1 Checkbox question
  4. 1 Radio button question
  5. 1 Text field question
  6. 1 Matrix question that has 4 questions (rows) and 5 responses (columns)

This example has no conditional questions.

Now preview your survey.

The preview opens, in read-only view.


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