How do I add a Group of Tickets?

Tickets are organized by groups and, within the groups, sales items (tickets).  A group is a container for sales items (tickets).  A group cannot be "sold."  You can only sell items that are within a group.

Groups give you a method to organize your sales items by category with the ultimate goal: eliminate confusion on the part of the registrant when they are making their ticket selections.

Where is the Sales Wizard?

The Sales Wizard opens ...

Add a Group: (There is no limit to the number of groups you can add)

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and then click the Add Group button.
The Sales Wizard opens ...

The Group purple row appears after a screen refresh

  1. Enter the Group Name
  2. Check the box if at least one purchase from this group is required
  3. You can hide this group and all of its sessions if you no longer want to sell the items in this group
  4. You can add a Group Note and/or Group Instructions
  5. Click the Update button
The Group purple row appears after a screen refresh

Group added - confirm

Group added - confirm


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