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How do I set up Lead Retrieval options?

Lead retrieval is a means for capturing sales leads generated at an event, trade show, or conference. Lead retrieval systems give exhibitors the ability to measure results against sales or event objectives and by doing so, justify the investment in time, energy and budget to exhibit at your event.

1. What's the big picture look like for lead retrieval?

  1. As registrants stop and visit an exhibitor booth, the exhibitor will scan the barcode code on the name badge with a scan gun that saves the information in the barcode (usually, just the registrant's unique ID code)
  2. At the conclusion of the event, the exhibitor downloads the .CSV file of barcode information from the scan gun
  3. The exhibitor then sends the .CSV file of the barcode scans to the event organizer
  4. The event organizer uploads the barcode scans to rsvpBOOK's Lead Retrieval screen
  5. The event organizer sends the report to the exhibitor, which contains the detailed information for all of the attendees that were in the exhibitor's .CSV file

2. What is a .CSV file?

A .CSV file (Comma Separated Values) is a plain text file, containing 1 or more columns of data that are separated by a comma, space, double quotes, single quotes, pipe (|), or any other character.  

A typical barcode .CSV file will look something like the list below, without the bullets.  Each row is a registrant ID (the contents of the barcode).

  • 1036186
  • 1036211
  • 1036213
  • 1036219
  • 1036236
  • 1036259
  • 1036276

3. What are the Event Exhibitor's steps for using lead retrieval?

Event Exhibitor's steps:

  1. Obtain a scan gun that saves barcode scans
  2. As registrants visit your booth, scan their barcode
  3. At the end of the event, download the .CSV file from the scan gun
  4. Pass it along to the event organizer, who will send you the report you ordered

4. How does the Event Exhibitor order the reports?

There are two ways the exhibitor can order reports.

  1. Set up an Exhibitor registrant type and include a sales item for a report, or multiple reports on their registration page - the price can be $0.00 or greater
  2. If you're not requiring exhibitors to register for your event, then add the report order form to their paper application or contractual document


5. What are the Event Organizer's steps for using lead retrieval?

Event Organizer's steps:

  1. Decide whether or not you will be providing reports to your exhibitors based on scanned barcodes - if YES, then ...
  2. Decide whether or not you will be selling information to your exhibitors or giving it to them for free
  3. Decide how many different levels of report information you want to provide and how much you want to charge (if any) for each level of the information
  4. Create one or more reports, one for each of the report levels - the report levels can contain progressively more information about the registrants
  5. When the exhibitor gives you the .CSV file, import it into the Lead Retrieval screen

6. Where and how do I import the .CSV file?

Open the Barcode Retrieval tool. Where is this tool located?

6.1. Upload the .CSV file

Upload the .CSV file

6.2. Select the report that was ordered by the Exhibitor

Select the report that was ordered by the Exhibitor

6.3. Save the report

Save the report

6.4. View it to confirm it is correct

View it to confirm it is correct

6.5. Deliver the report to the exhibitor whom ordered it

After you save the file to your computer in step 6.3 above, you can email it to the exhibitor as an attachment.

Alternatively, if you want to keep all of your event's collateral together, you can upload the file to the File Cabinet and send it to 1 or more exhibitors using the Email Wizard.


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