How do I Copy an Event?

You can copy a previous event on your Member Dashboard.

Login to your Member Dashboard

Your member dashboard was created when you created your first event on

From the home page, click Member Login

Once logged in, click the Copy Previous Event button

The Copy Event window opens ...

Previous events are listed in Event Number order along with their Event IDs.

You can copy any event, version 4 or version 5 if you have a mix. Perpetual events may NOT be copied and therefore will not be visible in the dropdown menu.

Enter the new event's details

You will need to enter a new Event ID and URL. Both of these MUST be unique.

If there is another event in the system with the same Event ID or URL, an error message will be displayed. Even if you deleted an old event, that Event ID and URL may NOT be used again.

Your new event's Admin Dashboard window opens ...

All registrant data, survey responses, session sign ups and/or sales data is discarded in the new event.

What to do next:

  1. Start with the Event Setup menu and click into every screen and edit any settings if necessary - remember, this is an exact copy of a previous event; it must be changed to reflect your new event's needs
  2. If you have questions and want to change any of them, open Survey Questions under the Special Tools menu
  3. If you have sessions and want to change any of them, open the Session and Workshops under the Special Tools menu
  4. If you have sales items (tickets) and want to change any of them, open the Tickets and Sales under the Special Tools menu

Finally, double check and test!

PRIOR to Publishing your new event and sending your invitations, be sure to check EVERY field of information on your registration website.

This is the easiest, best practice:

  1. You have already clicked every menu item under the Event Setup menu to insure that it is current information
  2. Send an invitation to yourself – is it correct? If not, you will need to edit it in the Email Wizard - How do I Create an Invitation?
  3. Click the link in the invitation and register for your NEW event
  4. Check the Thank You for Registering page and email confirmation pages for accuracy – double check all information for accuracy
  5. If you have used any Special Toosl (Questions, Sessions, Sales), review EACH one for accuracy
  6. Reports – check to make sure they still work - do this AFTER you have registrants for the new event
  7. Look at every aspect of your NEW event and make sure it is correct


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