Help Documents - Version 5 Capture Registrant InformationHow do I change existing registrant information capture fields?

How do I change existing registrant information capture fields?

Where does the About You section appear on the registration page?

You can see where the About You section appears on the registration page in this article:  Open this document and look for black dot #12 - this document will open in a new window; close it to come back to this page

Does your Admin Dashboard have Menus or Buttons?

rsvpBOOK has 2 versions of the Admin Dashboard.  Which one do you have?

Does your Admin Dashboard have Menus or Buttons?

If Menus, your Registrant Information Capture tool is located here ...

If Menus, your Registrant Information Capture tool is located here ...

If Buttons, your Registrant Information Capture tool is located here ...

If Buttons, your Registrant Information Capture tool is located here ...

The About You Editor tool opens

You can change the following attributes of any About You field (the registrant information capture fields):

  1. Field label
  2. Visibility
  3. Require a response

There is a special field called a Secondary Email Address. By default, it is Not Visible and Not Required. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Someone else registers for the registrant - typical scenario: an admin assistant registers 4 executives using their respective email addresses. The assistant would enter their email address into this field and therefore would receive a copy of every email address sent to the registrant. This includes confirmation email messages, reminders to attend, session notifications as well as any other messages the event organizer sends.
  • Registrants need to have all of their email messages sent to, say, a home and a work email address.

What problems can occur by changing a Field Label?

If you change the label of a DEFAULT FIELD, the Original Label is displayed underneath your new label so that you can return it to its original if you created a problem and want to return to the original label. See the yellow highlighted sections below.

The DEFAULT FIELDS are displayed in the Registrant List Report, which is the primary screen used to manage your registrants. Changes to the field attributes should be done carefully and thoughtfully, particularly when you have registrant types and group registration enabled. All field labels may not apply to the various combinations of registrant modes.

  • If you change a default field Label, the Registrant List will use the new field label
  • If you change the Visibility to Not Visible, the Registrant List will display a blank field because if the field is not visible to the registrant, they cannot enter a value; therefore it will be blank
  • DO NOT CHANGE THE FIRST AND LAST NAME FIELD labels to capture some other piece of information - you can prefix them, such as Patient First Name, Registrant First Name, Attendee First Name, etc; never change the label to something else such as Hair Color, Automobile Type, etc.
  • If you change a default field Label AND you have Group Registration turned ON, then remember that all three registrant modes will see the new Label (individuals, group leaders and group members) - a common misconfiguration is the First Name and Last Name fields are prefixed with "Member" - so when an individual registers as a Non-Member registrant type, the first and last name field labels will be incorrect for that registrant - which will confuse a registrant


  1. Hide the default fields that you don't want - don't rename them
  2. Change the labels of the default fields ONLY slightly, such as a prefix or suffix
  3. Add new fields to capture information that is NOT captured by the default fields

What if I have Group Registration turned on?

You will see four more columns to the right of the screen (Group Leaders and Group Members. You can set the VISIBILITY and the RESPONSE REQUIRED attributes for Group Leader and Group Members independently.

Test, Test, Test!

If you make any  changes to the About You section's fields (either changing existing or adding new), then make sure you do a thorough test to make sure all of your changes display correctly.  Testing is even more critical if you have Registrant Types and/or Group Registration turned on.


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