How do I set up Table Types?

Table Types are used to collect registrants into tables defined by similar interests. Example table types: VIP, Member, Non-Member, Faculty, Student, Donor, Sponsor, etc.

The Table Wizard window opens ...

The Table Types window opens ...

The most important attribute of Table Types is that they control the VISIBILITY of many components of your registration website.

When you create custom fields, questions, sessions, sales items, extra pages and others, ALL ARE VISIBLE, by default. However, when you create a Table Type, NONE ARE VISIBLE to that table type, by default.


The primary purpose of table types is to seat people with a similar interest together at a single table or multiple tables. For example, say these are your table types for a banquet: VIP, Sponsor, Member, Non-Member, Faculty, Student. Since you are probably selling tickets to the banquet, you want ALL of the table types to have a different price because, for example, sponsors usually pay more for a table seat than a student. This screen allows you to set the sponsor Table Type to display a different price than the student Table Type.

By default, the VISIBILITY of all components is turned OFF for each Table Type that you create. You must manually turn ON the VISIBILITY of the components you want VISIBLE for that Table Type. Use the Permissions button to turn ON or OFF the VISIBILITY of your event's components.

The Permissions window opens ...

Set the VISIBILITY permissions for a Table Type.

The Permissions window opens ...


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