What is the Registrant List?

The Registrant List is a tool to manage your registrant's information that was collected and created during the registration process.

Where is the Registrant List Located?

The Registrant List displays your registrants ...

The Registrant List has 8 sections of tools:

  1. Search your registrant database by any field, any amount in a field and apply a data filter on registrant status, date registered and last modified date - How do I search for a registrant?
  2. Manage Registrant Sets - What is a Registrant Set?
  3. Registrants can be bulk edited - How do I Bulk Edit Registrants?
  4. Registrants can be bulk deleted - How do I Bulk Delete Registrants?
  5. You can download search results - How do I download registrant data?
  6. Download the Change Logs of all registrants - How do I download registrant data?
  7. You can Vew Deleted registrants - How Do I view deleted registrants?
  8. The registrants are displayed by row - the Action column contains a dropdown menu of actions that can be carried out for a registrant - What actions can I perform on a registrant?
The Registrant List displays your registrants ...


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