Help Documents - Version 5 Emails: Contact Lists, Invitations, RemindersHow do I send invitations to a specific Registrant Type?

How do I send invitations to a specific Registrant Type?

Things to do BEFORE sending your Invitation

Review your entire event for accuracy:

  • Double check your event details: event date and time, venue address, contact information, etc
  • If you made any temporary behavior settings on the Event Preferences screen, be sure to return them to what you need (allowing duplicate email addresses is typically turned on for testing, but turned off when going live)
  • Test the event URL that you created - if you have changed it, make sure the new one works
  • If you set up questions with conditional logic, test every question response
  • If you set up sessions and/or sales items with conditional logic, test every combination that you created
  • If you set up registrant types, test each one to insure that it displays the correct combination of screens, capture fields, questions, sessions, sales items, etc
  • If you set up sales items, test the registration page to make sure your checkout page is working properly
  • Review your event's collateral, such as the email invitation, the email confirmation, the confirmation page (Thank You for Registering)
  • Be sure to Publish your event - otherwise, your event will co-mingle test and actual registrations and various "test mode" messages will remain on your registration page

Does your Admin Dashboard have Menus or Buttons?

rsvpBOOK has 2 versions of the Admin Dashboard. Which one do you have?

Does your Admin Dashboard have Menus or Buttons?

If Menus, your Email Wizard tool is located here ...

If Menus, your Email Wizard tool is located here ...

If Buttons, your Email Wizard tool is located here ...

If Buttons, your Email Wizard tool is located here ...

Open the Email Message Template screen

Click the Create New Message Template button on the Email Wizard screen.

Select the type of invitation you want to send

The differences between these two invitations are explained in this document: How do I create an Invitation?

The message template opens for you to customize it

You should make a few edits:

  1. Change the Template Name - Include the registrant type in this name so its easily identified - this is for your eyes only, it is not seen by registrants
  2. Optionally, change the Message Subject - the {{Event:EventTitle}} is a merge code; the title of your event will replace the merge code when the invitation is sent
  3. You may change anything else in the body of the Message Content WYSIWYG editor - add and remove text just as you would in a word processor
  4. The most important part of an invitation is the embedded link to the registration web site - the next 4 steps (A, B, C, D) show you how to embed your Registrant Type URL link into this message
  1. Select all of the text
  2. Press the Delete key

B. Insert the cursor where you want the link to appear

C. Insert the link from the Merge Code dropdown menus

  1. Click the down arrow in the Invitation URLs merge code menu
  2. Select Registrant Type Members Registration Page URL - this is the PRIVATE Registrant Type URL

D. Finished

  1. The Register link text and link URL has been created for you

Of course, you must test your invitation; otherwise, how will you know whether or not it is working correctly?

The easiest way to test the invitation is to do the following:

  1. Create a contact list with ONLY one email address in it - yours - How do I Create a Contact List for sending invitations?
  2. Send this invitation to yourself - How do I Send an Invitation?
  3. When your invitation arrives, click the embedded Register link
  4. If all is correct, you will see the Landing Page open with that Registrant Type already selected; if you see something else, it is not correct, and likely, the link is broken - edit the invitation and delete the link and re-insert the Registrant Type URL from the dropdown menu.



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