Help Documents - Version 5Add Sales Items (Tickets)How do I prepare for selling tickets?

How do I prepare for selling tickets?

Where do Tickets appear on the registration website?

They are displayed on the registration page - Open this document and look for black dot #15 - this document will open in a new window; close it to come back to this page

Where is the Sales Wizard?

The Sales Item Manager window opens

Before adding tickets, there are some general setup steps that define how your event will sell tickets.

Specifically, you must consider and decide the following:

  1. What currency will your event use?
  2. Will you charge sales tax?
  3. Will you have Group Discounts? (Group Registration must be on - How do I set up Group Discounts?)
  4. Will you have Automatic Discounts? (How do I set up Automatic Discounts?)
  5. Will you have Discount Codes (How do I set up Discount Codes?)
  6. Will you absorb or pass through online registration fees?
  7. Will you allow partial payments? (How do I set up Partial Payments?)
  8. Do you need to add special payment instructions?
  9. How will your tickets be delivered?
  10. Will you have a cancellation and/or refund policy?

The numbers in black dots below illustrate where on this screen you record the above decisions.

The Sales Item Manager window opens

How do I organize my tickets for sale?

Have a look at this article. Ticket types.  It describes two different ways to organize your tickets.


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