Help Documents - Version 5Custom ReportsHow do I share a report with a 3rd party?

How do I share a report with a 3rd party?

Frequently, you may want to share captured registrant data with your colleagues, the transportation company, the caterer, the hotel or any other 3rd party.

Use the Share button to email a link to the report to the 3rd party.

Where is the Share button?

Where is the Share button?

The Share screen opens ...

This screen displays:

  1. A record of with whom you have shared this report and when
  2. Enter an email address and optional message
  3. Enter an optional password for the report - it will be required to open and view the report - convey the password to the recipient separately
  4. The link to the report
  5. Instructions regarding how to create a desktop icon for quick report access, or, see this article: How do I create an icon on my Windows desktop for my shared report?
The Share screen opens ...

How do I disable a shared report?

Simple: Edit the report and change its name.  If there is a password, merely changing the name also disables a password-protected report.


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