Help Documents - Version 5What's New in rsvpBOOK?August 13, 2013 ----- [Many and various miscellaneous improvements]

August 13, 2013 ----- [Many and various miscellaneous improvements]

Listed below are the new features and improvements updated on August 13, 2013.

The links will open a Help article that provides more information about the feature or improvement.

New Feature: New Registrant List and Bulk Edit tools

Registrant List - Completely rebuilt to be faster and more compact. You can rearrange the columns and bulk editing and deleting is now supported.

Bulk Editing / Deleting - On the Registrant List, multiple registrants can be selected and their About You / Survey Responses modified using the bulk edit option in the top row of buttons. Selected registrants can also be bulk deleted.

Edit Sales Items - On the Registrant List, a new menu item labeled Edit Sales Items is available. This option provides the admin with full control over what quantities of items are assigned to a registrant. Changes on this screen affect the registrant's Balance Due.

Registrant Email Log - A new Action column menu item is available on the Registrant List labeled: Email Log. When a registrant is emailed by rsvpBOOK on behalf of your event's admin tools, a log entry will be created. This menu item will not appear until a registrant has at least one log entry available to view. This is useful if you have registrants complain about not receiving a message.  Note that this email log DOES NOT indicate whether or not the message was received nor opened and read.  It only indicates that the message was sent.

How do I use the NEW Registrant List?

General Improvements

Multiple Event Contacts - The Event Contact Person screen now offers the option to add an optional, second event contact person's details. The Admin Contact Person's screen is unchanged: only one allowed. - How do I set up the Event Contact Person?

WYSIWYG Editors - These editors now display with the registration page's CSS style sheet applied within the editors. This improves pasting from word - How do I use the WYSIWYG text editor?

Report Wizard - New option

When you define responses for questions in the Questionnaire Wizard, you can specify the responses that a registrant sees AND you can specify what responses the Report Wizard can display as a replacement for what the registrant selected.  For example, say you had a list of churches as the responses for a question.  For each of the church names, there would be a parish number associated with each church name.  The registrant selects the church and the report displays the parish number.

Report Wizard Questionnaire Results Display - A new option is now available in the Report Wizard, Questionnaire section to override the alternative responses and display the registrant response even if a report-specific value had been specified.

The screenshot below shows you where this new option is located in the Report Wizard > New Report screen.

When you create your report, you can specify how you want your responses displayed. See this article: How do I create a simple custom report?

Report Wizard - New option

Past Event Lookup: Automatic mode - New Option

Automatic Lookup - If this is on, then a person will be looked up automatically on the registration page after entering their email address on the splash page. If they are found, they will be given a message that they were located and their details are prepopulated on the registration page.

If the authentication method you select is:

  1. Username only, then you can enable automatic lookup of the registrant's information from a past event - How do I set up an Automatic Past Event Lookup based on a Username only?
  2. Username and Password, then the registrant will need to enter their Username AND Password - the username field can be specified by you, typically, it is an email address - How do I set up a Past Event Lookup based on Username & Password?


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