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Why Should I Check-in Event Attendees?

The primary reason to check-in attendees is to determine what your attendees thought about your event's content and organization. Marketing assessment and metrics are additional reasons you should check-in attendees.

You plan and conduct an event; how do you find out how it was received by your audience? How can you show your sponsors/exhibitors your attendance metrics so that they will want to work with you on future events?

Upon check-in, the registrant's record is switched to Attended. This check-in process creates three sets of people:

  • Attended - find out what they thought of your event with a post-event survey
  • Registered but did not attend - this is your no-show list -  find out why they did not attend with a post-event survey
  • Invited but did not register - find out why they did not register with a post-event survey

You can send different post-event surveys to each of these three groups.

How do I check-in Event attendees?

rsvpBOOK provides a Kiosk Mode tool that you can configure to manage your event's check-in process.

Setting up Kiosk Mode? [Planning and Testing]

How do I set up Kiosk Mode?

2 Kiosk Mode examples

Kiosk Mode attendant training documents

How do I create and send Post-Event Surveys?

This article creates a Post-Event survey: How do I create a Post-Event Survey?

This article sends a Post-Event survey: How do I send a Post-Event Survey?

This article views results of a Post-Event survey: How do I see the results of my Post-Event Survey?

rsvpBOOK Mobile App

In addition to the Kiosk check-in process, make sure you send your event's mobile app to your attendees. It automatically contains a barcode that can be scanned at the door.  No name badge is required; the barcode is in the app.  

Have a look at this article: rsvpBOOK Mobile App.


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