How do I create an email message?

The Email Wizard opens ...

Click the Create New Message Template

Choose the type of email message

There are 2 types of message templates:

  1. Invitation - If you want to send an invitation to your contact list, then use either one of the Invitation Templates
  2. Registrant Contact - If you want to send a message to your registrants (any set or even a custom report), then use any of the Registrant Contact Templates

The selected template will open ..

Make the changes that make this template your own - change the ...

  1. Name
  2. Subject
  3. Message Content
  4. Use the 3 dropdown menus to insert Event Detail, Guest Detail or Survey URL merge codes
  5. Send Test Copy - this is the most important step; you be the guinea pig; not your customers

Ready to send it?


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