How do I set up Tables?

This article tells you how to set up your banquet tables using the Table Wizard:

  1. You can set the default number of seats per table
  2. You can define table types that can change the default number of seats per table
  3. You can give table management control to the Table Captain
  4. You can require Public or Private table codes

The Table Wizard window opens ...

The Set Up Tables window opens ...

Some of the attributes of your tables that you control are:

  1. Set Table Code format - manual entry or auto-generated
  2. Table Codes can be PUBLIC or PRIVATE - 3 options available
  3. Select whether or not you want the registrants to see who is already seated at the tables - only available to option 1 (see #2 just above)
  4. Table Captains can elect to NOT be seated at a table
  5. Maximum number of tables allowed, or no limit
  6. Number of seats at the table (you set the default)
  7. Set whether registrant or table captain pays for the table

You can also create empty tables and assign registrants later. You can define special tables (called Table Types) with more or less seats than the default. How do I set up Table Types?


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