How to check-in Session Attendees

Why would you want to check in session attendees?

  1. So that you can know how many signed up and how many did not show
  2. So that you can send a post-event survey to those attending a session
  3. So that you can send a post-event survey to the no-show list

SESSION Check-in Options

Help Articles (the numbers below correspond to the numbered options in the illustration).

  1. How to manually check-in Session Attendees - Use this method for small numbers of session attendees; it is quick and simple; internet access IS NOT necessary.
  2. How to scan to a .CSV file of Session Attendees - This method requires a scan gun or smartphone app that scans to and exports a .CSV file; internet access IS NOT necessary.
  3. How to scan Session Attendees online - This method uses a scan gun or smartphone app to scan a barcode and mark attendees as Attended, internet access IS required.
  4. How to scan Session Attendees remotely - Use this method if you have many attendees to check-in - this is the quickest and most efficient method, internet access IS required.
SESSION Check-in Options

How do I decide which option to use?

These are your primary decision points:

  • Do you have internet access in your session rooms? If not, then you must use #1 or #2 in the chart above. If you do have internet, then #3 will also work for you.
  • Number of session attendees arriving within a 5-10 minute window of the session's start time - Typically, 80-95% of your attendees will arrive during this short window. Be prepared in order to avoid long check-in lines.
  • Square feet of the "entrance room" of your session - Do you have floor space for a check-in table with a laptop?
  • Cost of scan guns - They start at about $20 for a simple model (requires a USB connection to a laptop). Smartphone apps range from $1 to $3.
  • Speed at which you need to check-in one person - If you have many attendees arriving, then use the #3 option above because it is the quickest method. ┬áIf not too many (10-30) in your sessions, then any one of the 3 options will work.


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