How do I set up Discount Codes?

In addition to Discount codes, there are 2 other types of discounts that can also be applied to your sales section:

  1. Group Discounts - can ONLY be used when Group Registration is in use.  These are designed to allow group discounts, such as buy 5 tickets, get 1 free.  Discounts can be contingent on session selections and ticket purchases - How do I set up Group Discounts?
  2. Automatic Discounts are automatically applied when any combination of session selections and/or sales items are purchased. They can be restricted to a date range, can be a fixed dollar or a percentage discount and can be constrained to either registrant types and/or method of payment - How do I set up Automatic Discounts?

What are Discount Codes?

Discount Codes (Promo Codes) - are applied by the registrant on the registration page prior to submitting their registration. You create and distribute these codes to special registrants who will receive special pricing - discount codes can be applied to the entire order, a group of items or only one item

Open the Sales Wizard.

The Sales Item Manager window opens ...

Scroll down to the Discount Codes section.

The Add Discount Codes window opens ...

This example discount code, VIP, will receive 25% off any session purchases and $10 off any ticket purchase from the Conference Tickets group, only 3 registrants may use it and it may not be combined with other discount codes.

  1. Enter the Discount Code label - this is seen by registrants
  2. Enter the Discount Code - this is distributed to your special attendees and is visible to registrants
  3. Select whether or not this discount code can be combined with other discount codes
  4. Set the maximum number of registrants who can use this discount code (3 in this example)
  5. Select the scope of the session purchases (any session from any group)
  6. Set the amount of the discount: 25%
  7. Set the scope of the sales item purchase (sales items in the group: Conference Tickets
  8. Set the amount of the discount: $10

Verify the Discount Code was saved ...

Of course, testing is the last step ...

NOTE: the arithmetic for the $-295.00 discount is correct.  The class was already discounted to $0.00 because 3 workshops were purchased and the 100% Automatic Discount was applied to the Class item.

Of course, testing is the last step ...


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