Help Documents - Version 5 Links - How do I insert them?How do I insert a file link into a WYSIWYG editor?

How do I insert a file link into a WYSIWYG editor?

This procedure works for all WYSIWYG editors.

Add your files to the File Cabinet Wizard

Adding a file link assumes that the file is already in the File Cabinet's Collaboration Documents folder.

If your file is not yet uploaded, see this document: How do I upload files into the File Cabinet?

  1. Enter the introductory text that will contain the link you will create (yellow highlight).

All WYSIWYG editors on will work in this manner.

Highlight the link text

  1. Select the text that will be the link
  2. Click the Insert Picture or Link to a File button

Open the File Cabinet's URL collection in the Collaboration Documents folder ...

The Collaboration Documents URL window opens ...

  1. Locate the filename you want on the left side
  2. Right click the URL on the right side - you're ready to paste, in the next step
  3. Close the URL window

Add the link using the URL that is on the clipboard

The link window opens on top of the editor window

  1. Paste the URL into the Link URL field
  2. Select Open in New Window (_blank) in the Target field (this is recommended so that the linked page does not open on TOP of your registration page - increasing the possibility of someone "losing" your page and not completing their registration)
  3. Click the Insert button - you're done

The result ...

Test, Test, Test!

Open the email message or page where you inserted the link and click it. Did it work? If not, you will need to do it again; you must have missed a step.


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