Pre-set Sales Reports

There are six pre-set sales reports:

  1. Sales by Item
  2. Sales by Group
  3. Sales by Registrant
  4. Sales by Discount
  5. Arrears Report
  6. Transactions Report - available ONLY for specific merchant accounts

Where are the Pre-set Reports?

Sales by Item

Sales by Group

Sales by Registrant

Sales by Discount

There are two types of discounts that are reportable:

  1. Promo Code Discounts
  2. Automatic discounts

Group discounts are reported on the Manage Groups screen.

Arrears Report

You can use this screen for your collections report. This example excludes contact information for privacy reasons. As you can see from the column labels, you have all information necessary to conduct collection efforts by email, phone or postal mail.

Use the Email Wizard to create and send an invoice to all those with a balance due. How do I create and send an invoice?

Transactions Report

This report is only available if you're using specific merchant accounts for credit card processing.


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