Registrants can't pay with a credit card

Possible reasons:

  1. No merchant account has been set up
  2. The credit card method of payment has been disabled
  3. If you are using registrant types, the visibility of the credit card method of payment must be on for that registrant type (if no registrant types are selected, then no methods of payment will be visible)

This is a fix for reason #1:

You need to have a merchant account enabled and attached to your event. Please contact [email protected] to make arrangements.

This is a fix for reason #2:

The Credit Card method of payment has been disabled. To enable it, click the Edit button and change the setting to Enabled.

... to enable the credit card method of payment ...

This is a fix for Reason #3:

Open the Advanced Registration button and ...

  1. Click the Registrant Types link in the Quck Nav panel along the left edge of the screen - the Registrant Types screen was moved, so follow the link that is displayed in the Registrant Types section
  2. Scroll down to the Define Registrant Types section
  3. Click the Permissions button for each registrant type and turn on the visibility of fields, questions, sessions, sales items, methods of payment, etc.

... setting permissions

This Permissions screen controls the visibility of About You fields, Questions, Sessions and/or Sales Items that will be seen by this registrant type: Members.

... setting permissions


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