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What are possible revenue streams for my event?

In addition to your event's ticket sales, there are other opportunities which will increase your event's revenue.

The categories below provide common sources of event revenue, including regular event ticket sales. The link in each category provides instructions on how to set up your registration website.

  • Sponsorships
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Merchandise Sales and Licensing
  • Event tickets
  • Raffles


Despite the prevalence of event sponsorship in the corporate marketplace is increasing, many organizations have great difficulty in achieving a significant amount of sponsorship. Organizations need to be very professional in their approach to sponsorship and to be able to offer sponsoring companies outstanding value in promotional services.

Graphics with sponsor logos can be added to your rsvpBOOK event in a number of places:

  • Registration page
  • Confirmation pages
  • Email invitations
  • Email Confirmations
  • Mobile App

How do I add Sponsor Logos to my event pages?


Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval is a means for capturing and follow-up of sales leads generated at an event, trade show, or conference. Lead retrieval systems give exhibitors the ability to measure results against sales or event objectives and by doing so, justify the investment in time, energy and budget to exhibit at the event.  You can help them realize their ROI on their exhibition at your event by providing either or both of the following:

  1. Name badges with a barcode - This method requires the exhibitor to provide you a .CSV file of registrant barcode scans and you provide a report, in turn, with the report they request
  2. Name badges with a QR code - This method actually provides the exhibitor with the contents of the QR code immediately upon scanning (you don't have to prepare and sell them reports)

rsvpBOOK offers a Lead Retrieval option (#1 above), using barcodes, which can be used to increase your event revenue from your exhibitors:

  • Print barcodes on name badges
  • Exhibitors scan the barcodes, accumulating the data until the end of the event
  • Event organizer makes, for example, three levels of custom reports: Lite, Medium and Heavy registrant information
  • Exhibitors submit a .CSV file of their  attendee scan results to the event organizer
  • Event organizer uploads the scanned information and sends the report to the exhibitor post event
  • Each report can be sold (or not, if included in their exhibitor price) to the exhibitor - the price for lite, medium and heavy data can be different, depending on the amount of data

How do I set up Lead Retrieval options?

Merchandise Sales and Licensing

The term merchandising applies to the sale of a range of products that may be strongly identified with the event or the organization hosting the event. A common example of merchandising is the production and sale of souvenirs, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, caps and other forms of clothing that are screen printed or embroidered with a design or trademark of the event. Participants tend to purchase such articles for their commemorative value. Other typical forms of merchandise include glassware, pens, dish cloths, drink bottles and badges. Merchandising may be a form of income suitable for events that have larger numbers of participants.

rsvpBOOK provides tools to assist with the sale of souvenir items such as photographs of the items which can be included on the registration page.

How do I add pictures to a sales item?

Merchandise Sales and Licensing

Tickets, Registrations, and Memberships

The charging of fees to participate in the event is perhaps the most common form of event revenue.

rsvpBOOK provides a Sales Wizard tool which allows for:

  • Early, Regular and Late registration fees
  • Automatic discounts (buy 2, get 1 free)
  • Group Discounts (purchase 2 member tickets, get 50% off the 3rd ticket)
  • Discount codes (promo codes)
  • Inventory control (set maximums on available tickets)

 The example below illustrates 2 different discounts applied to the same order.

  1. An Automatic Discount
  2. A Discount Code

Please see this article: How do I add tickets?

Tickets, Registrations, and Memberships


It is common to find that some organizations employ "on-the-day-of" fund raising strategies. The most common example is the raffle, and a small amount of income can be achieved this way. Whereas it is difficult to achieve cash sponsorships, it is easier to obtain goods from sponsors which can be raffled. Some states recognize raffles as a gambling activity and therefore in opposition to the law (California is one).  So check with  your state officials whether or not raffles are legal in your state.

How do I set up Raffle items?



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