Help Documents - Version 5 Post-Event SurveysHow do I send a Post-Event Survey?

How do I send a Post-Event Survey?

Send your Post-Event Survey using the Email Wizard.

Once your survey is completed and thoroughly tested, open the Email Wizard to send it.

The template screen opens ...

You have 2 options for selecting a template:

  1. Send the Post-Event Survey to those who DID NOT REGISTER - useful to send to your no-show list - this option requires a contact list because they are unknown to your registrant database
  2. Send the Post-Event Survey to those who DID REGISTER

Open the "for those who registered" template...

Select all of the instructional text (highlighted blue in the screenshot below. It will be replaced with a link to your survey.

Now add the link to the survey ...

Click the Survey URLs dropdown menu in the tool bar.

Survey link inserted into the message...

The highlighted text (in the previous step) is replaced by the survey's URL link.

Now test it ...

Send a test version to yourself.


When you receive your test message, click the link in the message.  The post-event survey should open in a browser window.

That's it.  Test is complete.  Do not fill-in the survey and Submit it. If you do so, then the recipient will not be able to respond.  Post-event surveys can only be responded to ONE TIME. No ballot stuffing is allowed.

If you need to resend a post-event survey to a few individuals, use a different template: Send to those who did not register and send it to the contact list for those few individuals.

How do I view the results of my survey?

Have a look at this Help article: How do I see the results of my Post-Event Survey?


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