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How to manually check-in Session Attendees

Session MANUAL Check-in

These steps show you how to set up and use a manual check-in method for your sessions.

Go to the Session Attendance Manager screen. Where is the Session Attendance Manager?

The Session Attendance Manager opens ...

Select the session upon which you want to work from the dropdown menu.

The selected session summary screen drops down ...

  1. The Attendance Report can be viewed.
  2. The dropdown menu's 4 check-in options will open to their own screens.

The Manually Mark Attendance screen opens ...

  1. This option provides a link to a print friendly signup sheet ...
  2. Print it and give it to a session door attendant to check off session attendees as they come through the door.
  3. The marked up signup sheet is returned to the admin person who returns to this screen.
  4. For each person on the signup sheet who was check-in, click the red X to change it to a green checkmark (marks them attended).

1. The Instructions for Use screen opens ...

2. The Sign-Up Sheet opens ...

  1. Print one copy for each session's check-in station.
  2. Hand out to session door greeters/attendants.
  3. Be sure you give them the "sign-up sheet return instructions."

3. Collect the marked up Session Signup Sheets from the door attendants ...

Here is an example of what a filled-in session signup sheet might look like.

3. Collect the marked up Session Signup Sheets from the door attendants ...

4. Tell your database who actually walked in the door ...

Return to the Session Attendance Mgr > Manually Mark Attendance screen. Per name, click the red X to toggle it to a green checkmark, meaning "attended." If you make a mistake, simply click it again to toggle it back.

Speed Tip: If you have more "attendees" than "no-shows," click the Mark All Registrants as Attended button. Then uncheck the no-shows - less work this way.

What can you do with session sign up data?

You can send a Post-Event Survey to all those who attended the session.

You can send a different Post-Event Survey to all those who did not attend the session.

How do I create a Post-Event Survey?


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