Help Documents - Version 5Capture Registrant InformationWhat is the Secondary Email Address field used for?

What is the Secondary Email Address field used for?

There is a special field called a Secondary Email Address. Since not every event organizer needs this feature, by default, it is Not Visible and Not Required.

It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Someone else registers for the registrant - typical scenario: an admin assistant registers 4 executives using their respective email addresses. The assistant would enter their email address into this field and therefore would receive a copy of every email address sent to the registrant. This includes confirmation email messages, reminders to attend, session notifications as well as any other messages the event organizer sends.
  • Registrants need to have all of their email messages sent to, say, a home and a work email address.

Where is it located?

The Secondary Email Address is located on the Admin Dashboard's About You Editor screen.

  • If you have buttons on your Admin Dashboard, it is the first button in column 2
  • If you have menus on your Admin Dashboard, it is under the Setup Tools menu > Registrant Capture Fields
Where is it located?

How do I use it?

  1. Toggle the visibility of the field to Visible
  2. Consider whether or not it needs to be a Required response
  3. Edit the label if necessary


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