Help Documents - Version 5 Accomodation ManagerHow do I set up Hotel Room Blocks?

How do I set up Hotel Room Blocks?

Where do I access the Accommodation Manager?

The Accommodation Manager opens ...

The Hotel Room Block section drops down ...

The Room Block set up screen opens ...

When you set up your hotel room blocks, the hotel will provide to you a URL link to their webpage that is configured for your event. There are 2 ways to use the URL you are provided.

  1. Room Reservation URL - paste the URL they provide into this field
  2. URL Shortner - paste your URL into this field and click the Shrink URL with button - doing so will put a shortened version of the hotel's URL into the Room Reservation URL field automatically

Verify your Room Block ...

How do the Room Blocks display?

By default, room blocks only display on the Confirmation Page (the Thank You for Registering page). Optionally, you can set them to display on the registration page. However, this is not recommended because a registrant may go to the hotel page while in the middle of registering and forget to come back to complete their registration.

How do the Room Blocks display?


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