Example Screen Shots of Registration Websites

Your minimum registration website contains 5 basic elements (click the links to see examples of each element).

  1. The Landing Page - this is the first page a registrant sees when they click your Event URL link (View Examples)
  2. The Registration Page - this page captures all registrant information and submits the registration (View Examples)
  3. The Confirmation Page - this is the Thank You for Registering page; it reflects all of the information that the registrant submitted (View Examples)
  4. The Confirmation Email Message - this email message is automatically sent to the registrant when they register (View Examples)
  5. The Invitation Email Message - you create this message and send it to your contact list (View Examples)

The View Examples links will display a variety of look and feel examples. rsvpBOOK provides the tools for you to make some very nice custom presentations to your customers and clients.


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