How do I send barcodes?

If you need to send all of your registrants barcodes for use during check-in, there is a special email template designed for this purpose.

Go to the Email Wizard...

The Email Wizard opens ...

Click the Create New Message Template

The Email Wizard opens ...

Choose the type of email message

Click the Create New Registrant Contact Template button to the left of the Send Barcodes template.

Choose the type of email message

The Send Barcodes template will open ...

Make the changes that make this template your own - change the ...

  1. Template Name - you must change the name or an error message shows when you save it
  2. Subject - that's a pretty good one that is already there
  3. Message Content - change the message verbiage to what fits your needs: remove what you don't want and/or add additional information
  4. Your barcode will replace the merge code in the actual message
  5. Send Test Copy - this is the most important step; you be the guinea pig; not your customers - choose a registrant data source from the dropdown menu (so that merge codes do not print as blanks)
The Send Barcodes template will open ...


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