Help Documents - Version 5What's New in rsvpBOOK?August 10, 2015 ----- [Reminder Bot; Session List; Kiosk Mode; New Email Templates; Prize Drawing tool; Session Wizard; Change Log)

August 10, 2015 ----- [Reminder Bot; Session List; Kiosk Mode; New Email Templates; Prize Drawing tool; Session Wizard; Change Log)

1. New Features and Tools:

  1. Reminder Bot - New email series to remind you of important event milestones: name badge, check-in procedures, reminder to attend, send mobile app, plus more
  2. Print Friendly Session List - Download a print friendly version of all of your sessions including all session detail so that you can review all of your session's data on one page
  3. Kiosk Mode - This check-in procedure has been rewritten and streamlined, incorporating new technologies, including scanner apps
  4. New Email Templates - Send Barcodes to all of your registrants and Send Check-in Instructions
  5. Prize Drawing tool - Having a drawing or raffle during your event? Use the Prize Drawing app to "pull winners"
  6. Session Wizard Reports - added support for automatically including the session group name, date/time and session location to the session name in reports
  7. Download Change Log - The Change Log (on the registrant list) download now filters out those who did not make a change
  8. Event Attendance Mgr - Various edits to support the new scanner apps
  9. Session Attendance Mgr - Various edits to support the new scanner apps

2. Reminder Bot

As your event's start date draws ever closer, the Reminder Bot will email you reminders about certain milestones during your event's timeline. For example, 7 days before your event's start date, you will be reminded to send or schedule the Reminder to Attend email message.

In each message, there is a PIN This Reminder ... button which puts the reminder on your Admin Dashboard in a convenient, out of the way place. When you're ready, click the Show Reminders button to view the reminders that you have pinned. Clicking the reminder link displays a help article describing how to accomplish the topic of the message.

Below is an example reminder message to begin planning your check-in procedure.

Reminder Bot

2.1. Where is the Show Reminders button on my Admin Dashboard?

Where is the Show Reminders button on my Admin Dashboard?
Print Friendly Session List

The Print Friendly button downloads this .CSV file which includes all of your sessions and all of their attributes. This is useful to double check all of your session information from one screen.

Print Friendly Session Content

4. On-site Check-in: Kiosk Mode

This on-site check-in tool has been streamlined and simplified for a faster setup and more efficient experience for your attendees.

Here is a an INFOGRAPHIC that shows all 3 on-site check-in options.

This article shows you how to set up the kiosk tool.

On-site Check-in: Kiosk Mode

5. New Email Templates

Two new templates In support of the new tools included in the check-in procedures have been added to the Email Wizard's New Template section.

If you didn't plan your check-in procedure during your event setup and later decide to scan barcodes at check-in, this new template is a quick way to get their barcode into their hands. You can also add instructions to the message, such as: "Pick up this message on your smartphone so that we can scan it when you arrive."  As with all of the email templates, these 2 are also set up and ready to send right out of the box.  Of course, you can personalize them and add other information.

  1. Send Barcodes
  2. Send Check-in Instructions
New Email Templates

6. Prize Drawing tool

A virtual fishbowl! If you have a prize drawing during your event, this tool will save you tons of time.  There are many options:

  • Allow/prevent multiple winners from within the same company, OR NOT
  • Block individuals from winning more than once and do not check company names, OR NOT
  • Allow individuals to potentially win multiple times and do not check company names, OR NOT
  • Registrants must be marked as Attended in the Event Attendance Manager before they are eligible to enter this drawing, OR NOT
  • Send an email message containing the Prize Drawing URL to the person conducting the prize drawing

How do I setup and use the Prize Drawing tool?

Prize Drawing tool

7. Session Wizard Reports

There are new checkboxes in the Report Wizard's > Sessions section. They are used to turn on the display of the session's group name, session location and/or session date/time in the report.  The checkboxes only affect the display of the session names in the report.  They do not change the names of the actual sessions. The report display is below the settings page.

Session Wizard Reports

8. Download Change Log

On the Registrant List, you can view and download the change log for each registrant from the Action column. The change log is a report of when, and who, and what was changed in a registrant's database record.

You can download this report for a single registrant or all of the "changed" registrants in one file. The "all registrants" report filters out registrants who have not changed their record.


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