How do I create a new event?

If you are not logged in, Login to your member account on - How do I get to the Member Dashboard?

The Member Dashboard opens ...

Click the Create New Event button.

The Create An Event window opens ...

Fill in your event's details. If you don't have the correct information or are not sure of something, go ahead and enter something; every field can be changed later on, if necessary.

Land on your Admin Dashboard for this new event ...

You will do all of your event's work on this Admin Dashboard. Each event has its own Admin Dashboard.

This article will give you a quick tour of your dashboard's tools - Admin Dashboard Overview (Menus)

Leaving the Admin Dashboard

When finished working, you can leave the Admin Dashboard two ways:

  1. If you need to work on a different event, click the Member Dashboard button to return to the Member Dashboard screen where you can select a different event
  2. If you are finished working for awhile, then click the Log Out button


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