100 Spam Trigger Words & Phrases To Avoid

So you’re doing the right thing… You’re creating non-spam email messages and sending to a list of subscribers who have given you permission to send to them. Then why are your messages getting caught in spam filters?

The most common culprit would be the words that you are using in the subject line of your e-campaigns. There are actually certain spam filter “trigger” words, which are words and combinations of words that are identified as being most commonly used in spam messages. These add spam points to your email when being received by your subscribers, and if your points are too high, your message will get blocked. In other words, if your e-campaign “looks” like a spam message, it could get caught in spam filters, even if you are following all the rules.

So… wondering which words and phrases to avoid? Have a look…

The 100 ... borrowed from mannix marketing, inc. (http://blog.mannixmarketing.com/)

We assume you are not using words like sex, Viagra and other spam filter trigger words, so obvious ones like these have been intentionally left out of this list.

Bottom line: Avoid using these spam filter trigger words in your email message's subject line. Be creative, and find a different way to say it!

The 100 ... borrowed from mannix marketing, inc. (http://blog.mannixmarketing.com/)

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