Help Documents - Version 5What's New in rsvpBOOK?August 27, 2015 ----- [Post-Event Survey Wizard]

August 27, 2015 ----- [Post-Event Survey Wizard]

The Post-Event Survey tool has been updated.

We have rewritten a large portion of the Post-Event Survey Wizard.  Specifically, we have ...

  1. Added support for matrix questions
  2. Added Pie and Bar graphs for the survey reports

These updates are backward compatible to all version 5 events.  To v4 users: if you upgrade to version 5, you will have this new tool.

Have a look at these 2 new Help articles:

  1. How do I create a Post-Event Survey?
  2. How do I send a Post-Event Survey?

Matrix Questions ...

Now you can define rows of questions that all share one set of responses.

When you enter your matrix question, be sure to include your "scale." Instead of a numeric scale (shown below), a word scale would be "Very Satisfied," "Satisfied," "Very Unsatisfied." Most of the time, a word scale is self explaining.

How do I set up a matrix of questions?

Matrix Questions ...

Survey results can be graphed ...

The bad news: the graph colors cannot be changed. :((

The good news, the colors in the pie and bar graph are the same for like data points.

How do I see the results of my Post-Event Survey?

Survey results can be graphed ...


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