Pre-set Session Reports

There are two pre-set session reports:

  1. Signups / Session Summary - provides an overview of all session signups AND drill down for registrant signup detail by session
  2. Session Itineraries - each person's session schedule is printed on a new page, to the screen or a PDF file

Where are the Pre-set Reports?

Signups / Session Summary

All sessions are listed, by group. You can download, into a .CSV file, the following:

  1. Download all groups and all session signups in 1 .CSV file - this is everyone who signed up for a session, across all groups
  2. Download a summary of this screen's data
  3. Download signups in all sessions within a group
  4. Download a single session signup list by clicking the Session Name and then, in the signup list window that opens, click the Download .CSV button

Signup List for Session

Create Session Itineraries Report

Session Itineraries Example (on-screen version)

Session Itineraries Example (on-screen version)

Session Itineraries Example (PDF version)


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