EVENT Check-in Options

Deliver a fast and smooth on-site check-in experience. Use rsvpBOOK's multiple-option on-site registration solutions to customize the check-in procedures for your attendees.

These options range from simple check-in using a smartphone app to robust scanning stations and badge printers.

This article offers guidance on planning your check-in procedure: What is Kiosk Mode? [Planning and Testing]

How do I decide which option to use?

These are your primary decision points:

  • Number of people arriving in a 30-minute window of your event's start time - Typically, 70-80% of your attendees will arrive during this window. Be prepared in order to avoid long check-in lines. How do I determine how many kiosks I will need?
  • Speed at which you need to check-in one person - General rule: self-check-in is slower than an attendant checking in attendees; scanning remotely is quickest, but has limitations; uploading a .CSV file involves the most steps. How do I test my kiosk set up?
  • Cost of scan guns - They start at about $20 for a simple model (requires USB connection to an internet-enabled laptop/device).
  • Square feet of the "entrance room" of your venue - Do you have floor space for a check-in table with a laptop and perhaps a badge printer? 

Cost of hardware

  • Scan guns start around $20 (Amazon) and go up to $100s.
  • Smartphone apps cost from $1 (Android) to $3 (iPhone)


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